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Helen Jackson

How to kick start your omni-channel strategy

Whether you’re creating an omni-channel strategy for the first time, or you’re shifting from multi-channel to omni-channel, or perhaps you’re just re-building your omni-channel strategy for the better! Whatever the reason for your strategy re-build, we’re on the case, giving you some starter tips to help you in the initial stages of your omni-channel strategy.


Visualise the users’ journey

Understanding where your user touch points (contact points) are, at what part of the user journey they should be or are currently present, goes a long way to helping you define your omni-channel strategy. Why? Well, if you don’t know where you are currently touching base with your customers, then how will you know if you’re missing a crucial touch point? You need to be able to accurately map these points out. Sign up to competitor websites and go through their buying process, is there anything they do differently and better?

Adopt a responsive approach to customer needs

Whether you’ve got a call centre, an online customer service team or in-store shop assistants, all your customer service representatives should adopt a responsive approach to all your customers’ needs. Unresolved customer issues and complaints can damage your brand’s reputation, which could be a setback your company fails to recover from. With social media having become an immediately accessible channel for consumers to vent frustration about the service or products brands offer, it is crucial that your brand has a customer service strategy in place to deal with these issues without delay each and every time.

Benchmark your performance

Benchmarking your performance against, not only competitors, but also your brand’s past performance. Measuring performance is sometimes an important element of your digital strategy that many companies forget. They focus so much on creating and implementing their new strategy, that they forget to put measurement KPIs or objectives in place. Benchmarking your performance is a great exercise to continue performing throughout your strategy, not just at the end. Making adjustments based on current performance, can be the difference between a successful strategy and a failed one.

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