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Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are three of the most actively used social media platforms in the UK and chances are your legal firm is using all three. But for each platform there a different ways to get the most out of your content and engage with your target audience. So here are some tips to creating great content for each of them.

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Facebook users are usually looking for a bit of fun and light entertainment while they are stuck on the train or in the queue at the shops. Their main reason for using Facebook is to stay in touch with family and friends but they are willing to engage with brands when it is relevant to them. Here are a couple tips to help you produce some great Facebook content:

  • Provide value – focus your efforts on creating and sharing content that is interesting and informative.
  • Entertain – produce content such as videos of your firm’s latest charity fancy dress day and let your audience have a laugh at all the silly costumes, you’ll be rewarded with higher engagement.
  • Pictures – Facebook updates with an image get the highest amount of likes, comments and shares. But remember to keep your visuals in-line with your branding.



Twitter users are highly active and engaged online individuals, using the platform as their go-to place for breaking news or business questions. And with only 140 characters and a tweet lifespan of 18 minutes, you’ve got to have maximum impact in minimum time.

  • Formats – make bold statement, use statistics and ask questions to help drive re-tweets and the conversation.
  • Be clear – with a 140 character limit you can’t waste time, so be clear on what you want your followers to do.
  • 20 characters – Try to leave around 20 characters at the end of a post to allow for followers to comment back.
  • Hashtags – Research your hashtags wisely, you don’t want to waste characters on a hashtag that no one uses.



LinkedIn is the business network, users are busy professionals who are looking to connect with likeminded businesses and peers who can help them achieve their business objectives and keep them informed on industry news.

  • Be concise – though you can use a lot more characters for updates on LinkedIn best practice suggests you should keep your posts under 25 words.
  • Quality over Quantity – LinkedIn is a lot slower of a platform and posts have a much longer lifespan, so produce high quality content rather than just posting to fill the void, and if you don’t have anything relevant to post don’t worry, wait till you do.
  • Target your updates – One of the great tools of LinkedIn is you can target specific followers that you feel your update will be worthwhile too, making it more personal and increasing that updates performance.

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There you go some fantastic tips to help you create great content for the three most active social media networks, but if you want some more social marketing tips then check out this blog: 7 SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS FOR THE BEGINNER LEGAL MARKETER

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