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Matthew Crehan

How to make paid advertising generate new clients for your law firm today!

Do you want to know how your firm can reach your ideal legal clients through paid advertising? Then you’re in the right place. Paid digital advertising is made up of three main areas, paid search, social and retargeting. For the purpose of this blog, we’ll focus on paid search - the ads that appear on search result pages. And retargeting - using ads to get in front of your already established audience.

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Target with keywords

The first step in creating a successful paid ad for your legal firm is to conduct detailed keyword research. By utilising your claimant personas and the information you have on their search behaviour, you can look to identify terms that they will be searching for. A great tool for this Google’s keyword planner which can help you generate new keyword ideas, see estimated costs and forecast the success of your campaigns. Researching you ad’s keywords ensures you are targeting the right terms to get your firm in front of your ideal clients.


Engage with ad copy

Once your ads have been targeted to appear in front of your potential clients, it’s important that the ad’s copy is engaging and action led. You only have a limited space per ad to produce clear copy that directs the searcher towards taking action, so you need to have a clear goal for your ads. By crafting a strong headline and description for your ad, with a clear call-to-action, such as "Receive a 10% reduction in legal fees if you make your claim today!" This ad copy is clear on what your legal firm is offering, provides a strong CTA and even adds a time parameter to ensure that your ads drive traffic to your website. Once your ads have driven that traffic it’s key that you have a perfect landing page to make sure that potential client converts.


Retarget to that established audience

By using retargeting you can get back in front of those already established audience members who have been on your site within a desired time range, maybe coming through social traffic to a blog or through a paid ad. By targeting those that have already been on your site you ensure that your ads are reaching a specific target audience, and though there will be users who have no interest in your services, having been on your site for things like recruitment or sales, it is unlikely that those will click on your retargeted ads. But those that do click your ads will be highly targeted warm leads which are likely to convert.


Use ad extensions

Ad extensions can be a great way to drive new clients to your law firm and there are a number of ad extensions which are perfect for your firm to use:

  • Click-to-call - CTC campaigns allow you to add phone numbers to ads so that potential clients can phone your firm directly from the ad.
  • Location extension – this extension allows you to add your firm’s location to ads which can be a powerful tool when targeting local potential claimants.
  • Site links – the site link extension allows you to add up to four links to other relevant pages on your legal site and gives you more real estate on search result pages, so that your ad is more likely to be noticed.

 Pursue your legal personas with paid advertising


By following these four steps when developing your paid advertising campaigns you can ensure that your ads are optimised to reach and engage your audience and generate new clients for your firm.

If you have a business in the financial sector and would like to up your marketing game or receive some expert information about digital marketing for financial services, then get in touch with a member of our team!

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