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Helen Jackson

How to make sure your fashion marketing emails are opened

There are a lot of spam emails floating around, we’ve all come across them. Whether it’s mail you don’t remember signing up for (and probably didn’t sign up for!), or emails you have signed up for but you seem to be bombarded with them!

A rule of thumb for all marketing tactics, if the content isn’t useful for your audience, don’t bother sharing it. Here, we’ve gathered together our top tips for making sure your fashion marketing emails are opened!

Don’t pester your audience

You might not even realise you’re pestering them! Even if you don’t have a high unsubscribe rate, that doesn’t mean your audience aren’t one email away from unsubscribing. Being clear when your users sign up to receive emails about exactly how often they’ll be receiving them. Being upfront with your subscribers can help lower your unsubscribe rates and increase content interaction.

Don’t share for the sake of sharing

Now, if you’ve said you’ll send an email once a week, you should stick to this delivery frequency. However, don’t cram in the most content you can, even if your email is just focusing on one topic, that’s fine. Make sure you’re only sharing content that’s of interest to your buyer personas. If you’d rather promote one product and make that email more of a mailshot than a newsletter, that’s ok too. You need to judge whether the content included in the email is highly-relevant to your subscribers, otherwise you risk a low open rate, particularly when you send your next newsletter. Why would anyone open it, if your last one wasn’t targeted at them?

Test your email subject lines

Testing plays a big part, or should play a big part in all your digital marketing tactics. It’s testing consistently that can help you innovate your brand and offer truly superior user experience. There are many email software platforms that enable you to A/B test your email subject lines and content layout, including MailChimp and HubSpot. A/B testing your emails will help your fashion brand understand what text works and what really doesn’t work. This is a great way to specifically target your audience, making their email experience with your brand a truly unforgettable one!

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