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Agnes Gizynska

How to make the most of Google’s price ad extensions

Google seems to be spoiling advertisers this year with the extra ad space. After taking away the right-hand side earlier this year the focus has definitely shifted to making the ad space bigger with more attractive ad formats. The most recent development launching in the US and the UK over the next couple of days is the Price Ad Extension for mobile.

What are Price Ad Extensions?

Price Ad Extensions for mobile is a brand new addition to the currently available AdWords Ad Extensions giving advertisers the ability to showcase top services/products and the corresponding prices. The extension will appear below your ad copy allowing the ad to take quite a significant part of the search result page real estate on mobile devices.

Each product/service listing has a unique URL embedded sending users to the most relevant parts of your site, similar to a regular site link. Price Extensions, therefore, seem to be a hybrid combining already known features of both site links and structured snippets.

price ad extension on mobile devices.png

Similarly as with a site link you will be charged for a click on any of the products listed within your extension or the ad itself.


How to implement extensions?

The feature should soon be available in the AdWords interface under the Ad Extensions tab.

Extensions can be set up at Account, Campaign or Ad Group level depending on your business needs. You can create 3 to 8 rows, listing products/services, with 25 characters available for the header and another 25 for description. Though Google recommends making the description as short as possible as it may get truncated or not show at all depending on a user’s mobile screen size. The categories you choose should also be specific and relevant to your business as very generic ones will be disapproved.

price ad extensions adwords layout.png


But what are the limitations?

Currently, there are still a few limitations to the setup process:

1)    Exclusive mobile targeting – the extension format can only run on mobile devices.

2)    English language only – initially you can only implement extensions in English.

3)    Minimum of three different items within your service/product category must be added – currently, you can choose from the following categories: brands, events, locations, product categories, product tiers, services, service categories or service tiers.


How to make the most efficient use of extensions

With more and more extensions available it can be difficult to choose the right mix that will best assist in getting the key messages of your ads across to users. A common mistake is having them all set up at once which can prove counterproductive.

For instance, a high street fashion retailer may not require call extensions that can take up ad space where you could potentially feature top promotions with the use of callout extensions. On the other hand, a Taxi company would definitely benefit more from call extensions being shown with their ad all the time.

The key is to choose the extensions that help showcase what your business is all about and communicate the unique selling points to potential customers. We would also recommend reviewing extension performance regularly and refreshing weak performing messages at least once a month.


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