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How to measure content marketing for your law firm

You can put a lot of research, planning and overall strategy into your content marketing activities, but, if you don’t measure them, then you’ll never learn exactly what worked and what didn’t work. Measurement is always key to future campaign success and continued growth for your firm.

Here’s our top tips to measure content marketing for your law firm:

How to measure content marketing for your law firm

Outline a measurement plan

Don’t leave building your measurement strategy out until after your campaigns are finished; campaign measurement should be something that’s built into the strategy from the get go. If you know what you’re firm is going to measure, how you’re going to measure your content and what tools you’ll need in place to measure it accurately, then measurement will just become second nature and part of the campaign process.

Look at your site metrics

Metrics to pay particular attention to through Google Analytics include, bounce rate and time on site. What kind of traction has your firm received from the content? Maybe your content has encouraged the user to explore more of your site and they view page after page after page, they’re more informed about your firm when they eventually leave your site. If, however, your content is increasing bounce rate and it’s close to 100%, you need to reassess your content, what’s on the page that could be deterring them from reading more? Are the referring sources clear about what it is the user will get from your content when they land on it? If the answer is no, make your social media

Analyse your social media metrics

Social media can play a vital role when attracting relevant users and potential clients to your firm’s site. More eyes are on social media than are on are traditional marketing – there are 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide! Using tools such as Share Tally, can help your firm begin to understand which channels have generated the most interest around your content. You get a feel for which channels you need to invest more time in and vice versa.

Having trouble measuring your content marketing? Contact us today to see how we can help!

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