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Helen Jackson

How to measure your omni-channel strategy

Measuring how your omni-channel strategy performs, is just as important as the implementation. If you implement a strategy that’s well planned, well thought out, it targets your audience perfectly – that’s great. But how will you be able to attribute a particular channel, or a particular feature or tactic to the increase in conversions you’ve witnessed?

Implementing measurement controls should be something you think about throughout the research and planning phase of your omni-channel strategy. We’ve put together a few simple measurement elements for you to think about implementing when you come to plan your strategy.

How to measure your omni-channel strategy

Implement an Attribution Model

With website users now accessing your site via multiple devices and through many different channels, it’s important to be able to attribute value to each step of their journey. Why? Well, wouldn’t you like to know where to invest more money, and also know where your money is being wasted?

There are 5 common models of attribution you can adopt and they are:

  • Last Touch
  • First Touch
  • Linear
  • Position Based
  • Time Decay

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Analyse Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great way to scrutinise your website’s performance over specific times and dates throughout the year. Showing you how many people are accessing your site, whether they’re new or returning visitors, the referrals, organic, direct and paid search traffic coming to your site and much more. This analytics platform is a great way to thoroughly measure the success of your strategy through your website statistics.

Social media measurement

You can use Google Analytics to track sessions via social and also assisted sessions via social. But to understand which social posts worked best, how much interaction each channel is attaining etc. You can use a separate platform. Whether you choose HubSpot, TweetDeck, Sprout Social or Hootsuite, whatever platform you choose for your social analysis and reporting, it’s important to gain in-depth insight into your social channels. According to Business 2 Community, 51% of young adults stated that social opinions influence their purchasing decisions and 46% count on social media when buying online, so make sure you’re measuring and monitoring your brand’s effectiveness across the social sphere!

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