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Helen Jackson

How to meet the ever-rising expectations of customer experience

Take the customers out of the equation for just one moment, and the fast-paced nature of competing fashion brands is more than enough for any brand to contend with. Putting the customers back into the mix, topped with the ever-changing bar of customer expectations, it’s clear that as a fashion marketer, you’ve got quite a bit to deal with!

So how do you even begin to comprehend and even take steps toward meeting the demands of the customer? Below we divulge our three tips for endeavouring to meet those ever-changing customer expectations!

How to meet the ever-rising expectations of customer experience

Take an iterative approach to your website

Whether it’s experimenting with product layout, a new filtering section or even taking away some distractions on your customer’s checkout route, it’s crucial that you stay in testing mode. Why is this important? Well, you can’t afford to be late to the game with any new conversion rate optimisation tricks and finding the best ones for your site can take precious testing time. So in order for your website to constantly improve and fulfil the most embellished customer experience requirements, your team needs to be on top of new ecommerce site trends and the latest CRO techniques to give your fashion brand even the smallest of chances of becoming a serious competitor!

Get better at mobile

Forbes state that 2016 is the year the mobile phone will rule. For the majority of customers, using their mobile phone is now becoming an integral part of the buyers’ journey. It’s simply not good enough for your fashion brand to have a mobile-responsive templated site, or a generic mobile-friendly site, you need to look at optimising your site specifically for the mobile user. Yes you’ve got a responsive design, but that doesn’t mean it’s automatically appealing and easy for the mobile user to actually use. You need to look at so many elements, from the volume of words on your web pages (would you want to scroll through that mountain of text on a small screen?), to the checkout button that might not be as visible as you think.

Up your game with delivery

Now that the bar has been set ridiculously high by Amazon, with Amazon Prime, it’s no doubt that customers will expect their goods to be delivered the very next day, or available for same day collection, no matter what brand they shop with. This is something the big retailers have already made steps toward. With stores such as Next offering order online and pick up next day for free and next day home delivery for a small fee, we’ll witness this demand for product availability more and more as the months roll on. Try not to rush into a new delivery option, affordability and market research is key to making this work. Big names including Argos have been found to have fallen short on occasion with their ‘order online and collect in-store in 60 seconds’ USP. It's not something you need to roll out tomorrow, but it’s definitely an idea worthy of further exploration!

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