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How to obtain highly-relevant leads for your law firm

Obtaining highly-relevant leads for your law firm is a top priority and through a clear understanding of your ideal potential claimants you can ensure your firm’s marketing tactics are targeted to reach them. Check out these three strategies which will help you obtain those highly-relevant leads for your firm.

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Valuable content

To attract and build awareness for your legal firm you need to create high level content which helps your potential claimants to identify the issues they are facing. These awareness content pieces can be short blogs of around 500 words which discuss topics like the most common forms of personal injury claims or what steps need to be taken to launch a civil lawsuit.

After attracting your ideal claimant you then need to continue their journey, moving them from that awareness stage to a consideration and intent stage. Here by providing in-depth guarded content such as eBooks, webinars and infographics you not only progress your audience’s journey but also gain that all important lead information you require.


Effective landing pages

Landing pages are essential to your firms lead generation efforts, these are the pages that will make a potential claimant convert or simply leave your legal site. To begin with it’s key that the anchor text leading to your landing page, is mirrored in the header of the page. You then need to ensure that your landing page copy provides a clear outline of what your offer is, be it an eBook, podcast or most importantly a claim enquiry form. The use of client testimonials, especially videos can increase landing page conversion rates by 80% as well as allowing your firm to build trust.

Finally a concise and action driven call-to-action needs to be used. All of this will aid in helping you obtain highly-relevant leads for your law firm.


Touch base with emails

Yes it’s true that those on your mailing lists are already marketing leads but they are yet be sales qualified leads or convert into clients. But with email marketing you can ensure you keep your firm front and centre in the minds of potential claimants.

First you need to strike a chord with your subject line to make sure your firm’s emails are actually opened, here research has proven that the use of first or last names get more opens than emails that aren’t personalised.

Next as with your firm’s landing pages your email needs to provide a clear and concise copy with a strong CTA to drive recipients onto your legal website and to convert into new clients.

Download our legal definitive guide to targeting your audience

By implementing these three marketing strategies you can obtain highly-relevant leads for your law firm and begin turning them into new cases today! 

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