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Helen Jackson

How to please your e-commerce customers

It’s important that as an e-commerce brand, you endeavour to continually please your customers. Coming up with innovative and creative ways to do this can be difficult. That’s why we’ve gathered together our top 3 customer satisfaction ideas to get you started. 

How to please your e-commerce customers

Birthday campaigns

A birthday email campaign can be a great way to ensure you please your customers, annually, at least. So, when a user first visits your website, perhaps they purchase something and fill in their details, or maybe they sign up for a newsletter, ask them to fill in their birthday date. Offering placeholder text in the birthday bar stating why you want their birthday date, can help encourage the users to fill it in. Sending out a selection of emails in the run up to their birthday promising a treat on the big day, can help build excitement and intrigue around your campaign. Hairdresser chain, Saks, send out birthday text messages with a nice £10 off in the run up to your birthday. It’s personal touches like these that can turn your customers into brand advocates.

Abandoned basket email

When shopping using your e-commerce store, customers can get distracted and abandon their baskets mid-purchase, they might even close the tab and forget they even visited your store at all. It’s your job to bring them back, but how can you do that? By sending an ‘abandoned basket’ email! Gently nudging your customers back to your website to purchase what they’ve left in their basket, before it’s too late, can help keep contact with your recent customers, or nearly-there customers. Sending these emails can also help increase your conversion rates. Beauty retailer feelunique.com and their 'abandoned basket' email above, are the perfect example of this.

Value your customers

According to Kissmetrics, as many as 89% of consumers began doing business with competitors following poor customer experience. It’s so important to value your current customers and a great way to show you appreciate their value is by encouraging them to take part in regular customer experience feedback surveys. So, you've collected some data but it’s what you do with that data that can ensure you hold on to your customers. Putting their opinions and feedback into action can not only reflect positively on your brand in a nice PR piece but, it can give your customers a voice. If they know you’ve implemented their suggestions previously, they might just continue purchasing from you. Here's hoping!

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