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Andy Donaldson

How to reinforce trust in your legal firm with on-site content

With over two million blogs posted every day how can you make your content stand out. Many marketers argue over the importance of frequency vs. quality; however I would argue that both are of less importance to building and reinforcing trust, and this is especially the case for the legal sector. So we’ve put together these tips to help you build trust with your on-site content.

Reinforcing trust in your legal firm through on-site content

Know your Audience

Building and reinforcing trust begins with knowing exactly who your target audience is. Your firm needs to think about who you’re writing for and why, by researching your audience you can build detailed claimant personas to help you understand what your potential claimants are looking for and build your content plan with that in mind. Allowing you to make sure your legal practice is building trust by providing relevant on-site content to the right people, at the right time.

Don’t push too hard, too soon

That brings us to our second tip. Your content needs to find your audience at the right time in their claimant journey, by producing awareness stage content, such as high level blogs about types of personal injuries, to intent and purchase stage content regarding your services and how they can help, you begin to build a stream of content that will help build trust with potential claimants as they move along their journey. This trust will be reinforced at every stage as you match your potential claimants with exactly the type of on-site content they are looking to consume, instead of pushing your services at them too early.

Be a teacher

To build trust, that content not only needs to be targeted at a specific audience and find them at the right time but it also needs to inform and educate. You need to become a teacher to your potential claimants, providing them with answers to their questions and educating them about the various solutions and services your firm can offer them. By producing on-site content for this purpose, you strengthen and reinforce trust with your potential claimants.

Become a thought leader

Just as your firm needs to inform and educate your potential claimants with your on-site content to build trust, you also need to become a thought leader. By producing content that discusses the latest legal rulings and news you can become a reliable source for potential claimants’ understandings of how the legal sector works, while creating a persona for yourselves within their minds, that you are at the very fore front of the legal sector.

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Final Takeaway: It’s important to remember that trust takes time to build and develop but it can be broken very easily through a simple mistake, so make sure your on-site content reflects the overall message and legal philosophy of your firm.  

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