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Helen Jackson

How to steal omni-channel tactics from your competitors

You probably have many competitors. Some will be price competitors, others product competitors, perhaps you’ve narrowed it down to social media competition, too. But what omni-channel tactics can you steal from them?

Sometimes looking to retail giants can be a great way to solidify your overall strategy goals, just perhaps making them a little more modest and manageable. But it’s best, for a more realistic approach to your omni-channel strategy, if you look more in-depth to your direct industry competitors.

We take you through our top tactics, so take note!

How to steal omni-channel tactics from your competitor

Look at their social presence

Ok, don’t just gaze at it, really scrutinise it. You probably already keep up-to-date with the kinds of content they share, but what tactics do they employ to engage their customers cross-channel and cross-device? Perhaps they have a dedicated help account for their customers on social media, or they encourage users to easily find the products mentioned in those social posts through to their website. Whatever they do, take note, and who knows, maybe you can mould their tactics to fit your brand’s social audience.

Sign up to their mailing list

To ensure they don’t block your work email address that clearly highlights you as a competitor, just use your personal email account. We’re pretty positive they do the same to receive your emails! Now you’ve signed up, again, how are they encouraging customers to engage with their brand? They probably have the standard ‘follow us on social media’ calls-to-action, but do they promote special channel-specific offers or competitions? Take note of how often they send their emails, and what tactics and incentives they use to pull you into their purchasing trap!

Check out their site call-to-actions

Slimming down and refining your website call-to-actions (CTAs) can help you dramatically increase your website conversion rates. Therefore, keeping an eye on your competitors’ CTAs can help you innovative your own. Modifying their CTA idea doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed an increase in your conversion rates, but omni-channel is about constantly iterating your website functionality (amongst other things) to ensure you’re offering your customers a seamless experience, regardless of device or channel.

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