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How to use content marketing to stand out in the legal sector

Legal content can be a little dry, and the sheer volume of content on the internet already regarding all matters legal can be overwhelming. So, in such a saturated sector, how can your law firm possibly begin to stand out?

Well, here at Hit Search we’ve created some eye-catching pieces for a variety of our legal clients, so you can trust the following content marketing advice!

(P.s take a look at this piece of content we created for our legal client here)

Stay on top of the news for your industry, to help your content stand out

Dare to be different

Being different isn’t a bad thing. If you want your content noticed you need to get creative. We’ve found that infographics work so well within the legal sector. Imagery does wonders for any piece of content. Not only can infographics be instantly engaging to your audience, an infographic is a great portal to present facts in a more dynamic way!

Share your content on social networks

Social networks can be a great medium to push your content through. Using both organic and paid social promotion can give your content marketing the awareness it needs in order to establish your law firm as an authority in its field. At Hit Search, we’ve found advertising through Facebook Audiences has returned some impressive results for our clients.

Focus on your firm’s niche

Even if you’re firm tackles all sorts of legal issues, there must be a main niche that’s driving the majority of your revenue? Try and focus your content marketing around a particular niche, at least on a campaign basis. This way all your content marketing will support that one topic, a scatter-gun approach to your content marketing, will never capture the eye of your market, instead it’ll just dilute your campaign, confusing your readers so your firm’s name will just get lost amongst the competition.

Stay on top of the news

Ok, this seems like a fairly basic point, we know that your firm will of course stay on top of all legal news. But, just because you’re aware of legal updates or legal news in general, doesn’t mean your audience are. If you think it’s worth writing about, then you need to adopt both a reactive and proactive nature to this newsworthy items. If you’re on the ball, sending out timely news articles, there’s more chance newspapers pick your story up!

If you’d like a bit more guidance, download our 9 content marketing tips for the legal sector eBook!

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