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In an earlier blog we discussed why conversion rate might a dreadful metric for your legal firm to focus on. However even with its limitations conversion rate can be a powerful tool so in this blog we aim to delve into how your law firm can use it in a more meaningful way.

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Consider other numbers

When looking at your conversion rate remember that it can be affected by numerous other factors such as a dramatic decrease in visitors coupled alongside a decrease in cases. With this in mind you should look to use conversion rate more as a question prompt for example “why has our firm's conversion rate increased by 2%” rather than simply stating it as “our firm's conversion rate has gone up by 2%.” This allows you to dive deeper, and provide real answers to your firm’s partners and directors on the performance of your marketing efforts.

Specific tasks

As a wide sweeping metric conversion rate doesn’t really hold its ground but by focusing in and building specific tasks whose goal is to increase conversion rate, it can be highly effective. Here building individual landing pages aimed at collecting visitor data and converting them from simple visitors to potential claimants can be highly effective.

Break down by channel

By breaking down your conversion rate by channels, you allow yourself to focus on which areas have the ability to have the greatest impact on your firm's conversion rate and therefore can work on them individually. This allows you to focus your conversion efforts on the channels as individual platforms, instead of as a whole, which can cause confusion around what is performing best, be it PPC, social media, eBooks, blogs etc.


Finally to use conversion rate as a more meaningful metric your firm should focus on micro-conversions. Look at the most important pages in your potential claimants journey's and ask yourself how you can change them to improve both search results and conversions once visitors are on them.

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So there are four fantastic ways you can use conversion rate as a more meaningful metric for your legal firm, to provide you with more detailed answers on how your digital channels are performing.

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