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Catrin Hughes

How your insurance company can make the most out of sponsorships

Sponsoring local sports teams, relevant events and donating to charity is a tried and tested method of gaining some good PR, marketing reach and raising brand awareness. But, did you know it can also enhance your SEO strategy if harnessed correctly? Below, we outline three ways that your sponsorships can help your digital marketing strategy and how insurance giant Zurich are winning when it comes to sponsorships.



Relevant Backlinks are one of the most important indicators to search engines for ranking in the SERPs. When you do take on sponsorships, ensure that part of your agreement includes a link from their website and any associated websites to yours. Charity, school and university websites can have high domain authorities, and if they link to your website because you sponsor your local university football team, it can also improve your domain authority and help you rise in the SERPs.

Web Mentions

Once you have decided to sponsor a team or an event, you may able to help increase your web mentions by publicising your partnership. The best way to do this is to send a press release to relevant media outlets. Many newspapers and online publications do not always put links into their copy or they may choose a use only ‘no follow’ links, but brand web mentions are also a factor when it comes to how search engines choose to rank your site and depending on where the mention comes from, it can be more valuable than a link from a low domain authority site.


Sponsorships can also enhance your content strategy, from social to blogs to onsite content, you can harness the influence of whatever or whoever you are sponsoring. For example, if you have a brand ambassador, you can promote exclusive interviews, have social media takeovers, which can help to drive followers, and use the ambassador’s images to further promote your brand. This, of course, depends on your agreement.

CASE STUDY: Zurich Insurance #trulylovegolf

Insurance giant Zurich has a long association with golf and they are not shy about promoting it. They have a number of golfing brand ambassadors, including Jason Day, Lexi Thompson and Rickie Fowler. Zurich has stated that "The Zurich Golf Ambassador Program has helped us expand our reach in golf far beyond the Zurich Classic to engage with customers, brokers, employees, executives, and charities around the world.”

Not only do they support top international golf, they also sponsor grass roots events such as the Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship and the Swiss Seniors Open. This helps them to develop their business in these communities and foster fruitful relationships in these areas. Many of these events have their own websites and will link back to Zurich's and the web mentions they will receive, in the coverage of these events, will also help to further their SEO strategy.

While not all insurance companies have the deep pockets that Zurich have, you can use your local sponsorship programme to enhance your digital marketing strategy by ensuring that you gain links, promote your partnership and create interesting content that is relevant to your audience.

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