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Improve your firm's PPC conversions with these 3 tips

Improving conversion rates can be tough regardless of channel, but when it comes to PPC it’s important you are able to confidently track, follow up and boost conversions. Whether you’re looking to boost conversions through phone call, email or through the form on your isolated landing page. You’re investing money into this channel, so you need to make sure you get it spot on, to ensure your law firm is seeing a high return on investment!

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So, improve your firm’s PPC conversions with these 3 tips:


Never forget the end goal

Whether you’re just starting out in PPC, or you’ve been running successful campaigns for your firm for years, it’s important to never forget the end goal of your campaign. Think as though you’re answering an exam question, you never want to go too far away from the core idea of the question. Make sure your goal is always at the forefront of your mind, from making keyword decisions, to amending your ad copy – it needs to be a constant thought process. If you lose sight of your goal for just a second, you could make changes that are unnecessary and take you further away from your goal!

Don’t shy away from tweaking

Tweaking everything from ad copy, to button copy, form layouts to general landing page edits, all elements play an important part in delivering a successful PPC campaign. If you were to set up a PPC campaign for your firm, and you put a lot of time and effort into planning and researching keywords and keyword groups, then you set the campaign live. Why would you spend all this time perfecting the campaign just to leave it running without amends for the duration? You need to keep up the tweaking momentum. Making changes and testing different ad aspects, is what will help you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Track everything

You need to make sure you’re tracking all your inbound marketing channels. If you’ve set up a specific number just relating to this campaign, you need to track the phone calls. If you’ve set up a specific PPC landing page, you need to ensure you’ve got it tracked clearly in Google Analytics. You need to take this opportunity to gain as much insight into your users’ on-site behaviour as possible. This is the data that can help you re-shape your firm’s website design and navigation. Highlighting the weakest and the strongest pages on your site, will help your firm to determine what needs amending, what needs a complete overhaul and what pages should be left the way they are.

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