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Susie Hood

[Infographic] Scalable retail digital marketing tips

Scalable Retail Marketing tips

In order to drive sustainable and scalable growth for online retail brands, this infographic summarises some of our top tips for shaping data-led strategies that put the consumer at the centre.

  • Online personas aren’t just a great way to keep your organic search marketing on track, they can also be used to successfully target your PPC and paid social ads
  • Fully mapping out and benchmarking your KPIs before starting any activity will give you clearer and more reliable data and reports
  • A content audit and a content gap analysis can be invaluable exercises to highlight areas for improvement to build into your growth strategy
  • The personal approach is always worth the effort when it comes to outreach and digital PR
  • Find influencers that love your brand to work with. If they have a real connection and enthusiasm towards you and your products, it will pass on to their followers naturally
  • Showing your customers that you value them, by making small gestures, can bring big loyalty and long term rewards
  • Ensure that you review, test and tweak your strategy performance as you go. Make sure that tactics still work when scaled up before committing your budget
  • Use the insight provided by your audience as you grow. Review personas at least annually to make sure that you’re still directing your resource and effort into the right areas.
Scalable Retail Revenue Growth

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