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Ruth Fishwick

Instagram v Snapchat – What’s the story?

Whether you’re team Instagram or strictly a Snapchat fan, you won’t have escaped the latest update from the Facebook founders behind everyone’s favourite picture-sharing app – Instagram Stories.

The new feature makes it easier for users to capture and share their daily moments by uploading photo and video content, in short, 10-second bursts. 

instagram versus snapchat what's the story?

So what’s the difference?

Well, from a user point of view, not a lot actually.

The functionality of both apps is essentially the same, allowing users to send or upload content to their Story, users can scroll Stories in chronological order and the content on both apps appears for 24 hours only.

The real step-change is in the privacy settings.

Over on Snapchat your Story is reserved for your friends only, whilst the Instagram update means imagery can be viewed in the public domain.

Further to this, Instagram Stories has removed the privacy element all together, allowing every Story on a public account to be viewed and comments remain private; making the latest development big news for brands.

What does this mean for businesses?

Social media continues to provide brands with an instant connection to their customers and the retail and fashion sectors utilise this form of immediate interaction perfectly.

Keeping up with user demand is key and recent figures highlight Snapchat currently has 150 million daily users but Instagram is firmly winning the battle, boasting an impressive 300 million daily users.

Both tools are a powerful motivator; influencing users’ needs to find out more. Savvy retail businesses take their followers behind the scenes on press launches, photoshoots and release snippets of the latest collections - whilst managing to keep their Story running time at less than a minute.

Making content accountable

Boosting Instagram’s profile further, the app meets the demand for accessibility and data with the introduction of Instagram Analytics, targeted at business profiles.

With a nod to the ever-growing number of influencers, brands, bloggers and vloggers will be granted access to view their app analytics.

The insights provide users with valuable data about who their followers are, how frequently they’re using the app and how many people viewed an Instagram post. And further to this, they will also have the functionality to access their follower demographic analytics.

Social sharing will no longer be a guessing game as the feature allows brands to view their followers’ gender, location and age – providing valuable insights about their audience and content interactions.

Whilst Snapchat paved the way for continuous instant access, Instagram aims to deliver the insights brands and influencers require to drive engagement on their feed and remain one step ahead of their predecessor.

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