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Insurance: Compliance V Creativity

Compliance V Creativity

Insurance can be a difficult industry to market online, especially when you consider the rules and regulations that compliance requires insurance and financial companies to adhere to; but, there are ways to channel your creative flair and promote an insurance company online.

3 Digital Marketing Techniques for Insurance Companies

Compliance, of course, is a must for financial and insurance companies in the UK, and often creativity can be pushed to the side in a bid to be compliant, but this need not be the case. There are plenty of ways of building brand awareness and gaining exposure online whilst being compliant. Here are three ways to smash a compliance-friendly, creative campaign:



Video content is a brilliant way of becoming more approachable, transparent and engaging on social media, as a business, without the need to directly discuss your services or products; hence, alleviating the need to include disclaimers and terms and conditions. Taking short snippets of video content of your team, your recent team building activities and other internal events such as raising money for charity, is a great way to provide an insight into your company and your business values. Businesses that are transparent on social media are often trusted more than those who tend to only self-promote and push sales focused content.



Sharing others’ social media content and news. Some businesses can forget that joining a social media network or platform includes taking part in online engagement. Mixing promotional content on social media with interesting news articles and industry related content is a good way to avoid being perceived as a sole self-promoter.  You’ll often find that as you start sharing and engaging with other user’s content, they’ll return the favour and help build your business profiles online.



Engage the help of digital marketing experts. By seeking the help of a dedicated agency who specialise in marketing insurance companies online, you can avoid time being spent creating content which is likely to be written off by your compliance team. Having a team of digital marketing experts on hand, who understand the ins and outs of creating compliance-friendly campaigns, you can rest assured that the majority of ideas and content produced will more than likely be signed off quickly by compliance and not be sent back and forth for changes and amendments.


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