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Susie Hood

[Interactive Infographic] A guide to the last decade of Google updates; what’s coming next?


A decade is a long time in digital marketing; the progression of social media, connected technology and our online lives in this period has been nothing short of incredible. One thing that has absolutely not changed in that time period is the reality that people still use Google to find what they need, whether it’s news and information, products or services. The ways in which people use the search engine giant have certainly changed, with mobile searches overtaking desktop some time ago, and now the growth in voice search; Google are constantly developing the ways in which they rank and present results, to make sure they stay at the top of the search engine tree.

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For brands marketing to their online customers, it’s essential to monitor any major changes to how the search engines work in order to ensure that the website is performing as well as it should in search engine results pages (SERPs). With any algorithm changes potentially having a huge impact on the amount of organic traffic a site receives, it’s vitally important for brands to make any necessary technical or strategy changes as quickly as possible; this helps to protect current market share and provides a stable platform for growth.

In the interactive timeline below, we have catalogued some of the major algorithm changes that Google has implemented over the last decade in their quest to provide the most relevant and high quality search results possible to their users. We also look forward to the rest of 2018 and beyond. What will come next as the landscape of search continues to evolve?

Hover over the icons in the infographic to read about the algorithm changes and their impact.

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