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Andy Donaldson

Is your brand ready? How to take advantage of Cyber Monday

Just like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is a relatively new shopping tradition in the UK. Having floated across the pond, Cyber Monday shoppers spent an estimated £720m last year in the UK, according to Econsultancy. So, how can your brand take full advantage of Cyber Monday? Well, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you out!

Is your brand ready? How to take advantage of Cyber Monday

Make sure your site is ready for mobile users

Econsultancy reported that mobile commerce accounted for over a fifth of online shopping on Cyber Monday last year. A fifth! With Google’s mobile algorithm update in April, most fashion brands will have already fully-optimised their website for the mobile user. But, just have another look at your Cyber Monday pages again on a mobile device. Can you see everything clearly? Checkout with hassle? If so, then you’re good to go!

Make sure your website is fit for purpose

Major retailers including John Lewis succumbed to this issue last year, amongst the chaos their site ended up completely offline. The biggest conversion rate destroyer of all. If your site’s offline you’re just pushing your visitors into the arms of your competitors. So it’s important your web team are fully-prepared with contingency plans galore, you don’t want to repeat John Lewis’s mistake, do you?

Ramp up the pre-sale promotion over the weekend

Cyber Monday occurs on a very helpful day. Located just after the weekend, Cyber Monday allows that little bit more extra promotion time when most people (particularly the 9-5, Monday-Friday workers), are free to browse the internet scoping out the items they want when the day finally arrives.

Offer free delivery

If it’s feasible, implementing a site-wide banner stating that all promotional items come with free delivery can help give your customers that extra nudge to buy from you on Cyber Monday. Even if you can’t offer free delivery, promoting the most popular or most searched for items on a site-wide banner can help draw the attention of all users paying your site a visit.

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