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Joules.com: A Fashion Website Conversion Rate Analysis

Popular across generations, Joules was founded in 1989 and, over this period of time, have perfected their clothing lines for their men, women, children and baby sections. Not forgetting their carefully crafted gift and homeware sections, of course. Even though their product images and products themselves scream high-quality, the same can’t be said for their new website navigation and overall user experience.

So, that’s why we’ve put together a brief CRO case study to lend a hand, highlighting some handy conversion rate tips.

If you like this post, scroll to the bottom to access our ‘Under the Microscope’ analysis of the Joules.com website!

Joules.com: A Fashion Website Conversion Rate Analysis

We would change their…

Top-level menu items

Their top-level menu items could benefit from a special offers/summer sale/general sale menu item. Not only do a lot of fashion brands have a site-wide sales tab available to their users but, the sales menu item can easily start the ball rolling when it comes to the customer buying journey.

On-site search  

OK, so Joules do have an on-site search function, tick. However, their on-site search feature isn’t quite up to the job when it comes to auto-complete searches, cross. Delivering exceptional user experience should be a constant thought when designing site features such as this one. The thought simply isn’t there.

Presentation of ‘out of stock’ or unavailable products

Through the Joules on-site search function, products that are no longer in stock or are unavailable to purchase, are still shown through the search results! This is a big turn-off for customers, both when generally browsing your fashion site and particularly when they search for a specific item of clothing. You’ll just witness your conversion rates decrease and your bounce rates increase.

(Psst, to see our example of unavailable products on Joules.com, download our short PDF eBook below)

Lack of ‘add to wish list’ feature

The ‘add to wish list’ feature is somewhat of a basic expectation for customers nowadays. So why is it that Joules don’t have one? This is a feature that can not only help offer your customers a pleasant addition to their buying journey but, it can also help increase conversion rates as the customer has popped it in their ‘wish list’ for later!

Download a more detailed analysis of the Joules website below!



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