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Laura Nicholson

Key strategies for retailer's success online

It’s no secret that having a searchable website is key to your business’ growth and success and that understanding search engine rankings really can make or break a business’ web presence. Every business has a need for online visibility and climbing to the top of search engine results for relevant searches is likely to result in more visits to your site and, therefore, more revenue. There are certain strategies that you can perform as a business to ensure you are doing everything you can to stay as visible as possible and make the path to sale as straightforward as you can.

Scalable Retail Revenue Growth

1) Shopability 

Due to technological advances inevitably changing shopper’s behaviour, to compete in today’s mobile world, retailers must be taking Shopability into consideration and therefore be more engaged with customers. Shopability essentially makes it easier for shoppers to navigate and buy things on your site, which in turn makes it easier for your business to make money through online sales. Shopability is key both online and instore, but ensuring your website is easy to; navigate, add items to basket and has a quick checkout process will mean you’re more likely to reduce the site’s drop-off rate. To improve Shopability online, retailers can lay their website out in a way that encourages visitors to move around the site, allows them to browse what they want and, better still, complete multiple purchases in a single transaction. Whilst adding discount codes and ‘2-4-1’ offers to your site are all ways you may improve your conversion rate, the design of your website should be the priority, with an easy navigation system and a speedy search function.

2) Go Mobile

With more and more consumers preferring the convenience of their phone to a laptop, having a mobile-friendly version of your site, or even a downloadable app, is a great way to ensure that you are appealing to as many visitors as possible. If ordering something on your site is a long-winded process that can’t be easily curated via mobile, then you are setting yourself up for a fairly sizeable loss of sales. Long gone are the days of online shopping being a desktop-only experience and ecommerce businesses can now really utilise the fact that purchasing products online is more and more tempting for consumers due to quick and easy usage of apps and mobile-friendly web pages, where details can be saved and quick transactions can be made over and over again, whilst the consumer is out and about. According to iPM, 80% of internet users own a smartphone so the target audience here is huge. Ways in which to make your site mobile friendly include incorporating automatic adjustments, so that the images, videos and content that you’ll see on desktop will automatically adjust so that the same seamless interactions will occur on the screen of a mobile phone.  

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3) Brand Trust

In order to grow and maintain a customer base, brand trust in your business and your products is essential. To gain loyalty from online customers, you must allow them to build an attachment to your brand, so that they return to shop time and time again. A good level of trust can be what separates you from your closest competitor in the online world and to gain it, you need to reach out to your consumers intelligently and thoughtfully. You can maintain connections with consumers through social media platforms and email and if problems do arise, be sure to reach out quickly to solve the issue. Yuval Fine, founder of Medical Alert System Reviews, talks about the importance of good online customer service; ‘nobody is asking you to be perfect – but consumers are asking you to always pledge to act with their best interests at heart.’

4) Work closely with Social Media

Social media is the ultimate way to boost your brand’s visibility online which allows you to effectively reach a wide audience. Whilst you can directly target consumers with Tweets and pleasing Instagram imagery, using social media is also key if you want to be a part of consumer’s conversation. According to a study conducted by North American Hutrust, 83% of consumers would recommend a good service or a brand that they trusted, to a friend. This doesn’t only show the importance of the previously mentioned brand trust but also how using social media well can allow the good word of a satisfied customer to be spread far and wide in a matter of hours. Social media is a great way for ecommerce websites to spread the word about discounts and offers, demonstrate through photos and videos how your products can be used, provide a quick link for consumers to purchase a specific product and allow consumers to share their purchases/information about your brand. Using carefully targeted ads and promoting relevant content, you can reach a much wider audience than your existing social media community, helping to take your business to the next level.

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