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Helen Jackson

Last-minute online traffic boosters for your Black Friday deals

Black Friday is an American shopping  tradition that most customers love - and a lot of fashion brands get very worried about! And it’s no wonder, constantly competing for the most sales and the best deals.

It was reported by Business Reporter that last year, shoppers spent more than £3.3bn over the Black Friday weekend, so there’s no wonder brands are getting more stressed year on year!

So, to help you prepare for some last-minute Black Friday traffic boosters to your fashion site, we’ve gathered a few handy tips to help you relax a little.

Boost your Black Friday deals with these tips!

Jump on the trending hashtags

Whether you’re utilising both sponsored social posts and organic social posts, you need to make sure they contain all trending Black Friday hashtags. So don’t just use #blackfriday and #blackfridaysales, see what else is out there! Checking Twitter trending topics and using Websta for Instagram hashtag volumes and related suggestions can be very useful.

Email your entire marketing database

Emailing your database full of people who’ve already bought from you is a really quick sales win. You already know they love your products, so highlighting your 20% off everything Black Friday sale is a no brainer, surely? Sending an email at least the day before and on the morning of Black Friday, will help firstly, make your database aware on final time before the day of your amazing sales, and the one on the day can help incite an interest to browse, and then hopefully buy!

Make the sale stock easily accessible

Sounds basic, but a lot of stores simply employ a ‘sales’ menu tab. That’s great and is probably better than having nothing, but you need to showcase as much of your sale items on your homepage as is possible. Make sure your sale items also appear on all landing pages that normally receive the most footfall and you’ll be onto a winner.

Map out a social content calendar

Even if you’re doing this just the day before, having a planned social schedule promoting all your offers can help keep the sales momentum constant throughout the day. A mixture of paid social and organic will determine the best traffic results for your brand. As long as your sponsored posts contain actionable language, are clear and concise and include an image and are targeted directly at your audience, you’re social promotion branch is good to go.

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