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Law firms: 3 PPC tools to kick-start your campaign

If your firm is just starting to tackle the PPC digital marketing channel, we’ve got 3 PPC tools you can utilise to make that first PPC campaign that little bit easier!

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Law firms, here's 3 PPC tools to kick-start your campaign!

3 PPC tools to kick-start your campaign

Google Keyword Planner

This tool enables you to search for keyword and ad group ideas, displaying historical statistics. This tool is essential for helping your firm choose competitive bids and budgets to use within your campaigns. This tool will help you draw up the blueprint for your firm’s PPC campaigns, and is built for novices and experts alike!

Check it out here.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics platforms helps your firm understand exactly what happens to the user after they’ve clicked on your ad. What pages did they visit on your site, are they visiting your services page next? Or are they bouncing straight off your landing page without converting into a lead? All these questions can be answered with Google Analytics data, it’s important to build a clear picture of your audience, in order to get the best out of your campaigns!

Check it out here.

Google AdWords Editor

This tool is a dynamic desktop app, which makes editing elements of your account simplistic. Download your account, make changes and re-upload to your account, it’s that straightforward! It’s a time-saving app, allowing you to make bulk changes at once. The Editor’s features including, searching for and replacing text across ad groups or campaigns, offline working, and copying and moving items between ad groups and campaigns.

Check it out here.

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