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Helen Jackson

Law firms: 4 tips for winning more clients through PPC

Although many web searchers choose to click on the organic search engine listings, around a quarter to a third of all clicks are through the paid listings, according to Smart Insights. And with the legal sector being one of fierce competition, it is important that your firm invests in a channel that can return highly-relevant traffic to its website - enter PPC!

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Here’s our 4 tips for winning more clients through PPC:

Law firms, 4 tips for winning more clients through PPC

Promote an offer that resonates with your audience

This is easier said than done - we know that, but you can take positive steps to understanding what it is your audience wants. Talking with your firm’s current client base, can help you paint a picture of what your audience would find most useful. From guides, to free webinars and quotes, what is it that will best capture your audiences’ eye?

Build an isolated landing page for the offer

You could have written the most engaging PPC ad copy in the world, but if a user clicks through and lands on a page completely irrelevant or ambiguous to the copy they’ve just read, chances are they’ll bounce straight off your website. Yes, writing the ad copy is an important element when creating a successful PPC campaign, but you have to think about the buyer’s process as a whole. Make sure the landing page you’re pointing them toward is clearly connected to the ad copy they’ve clicked through from.

Make it easy for your audience to contact you

This sounds straightforward, right? But many law firms forget to make themselves easily contactable. It’s important, particularly if you’ve created an isolated landing page as we mentioned above, to include a contact form call-to-action (CTA) that is specifically related to your PPC ad campaign. This makes it both easier for the user and for your firm’s marketing team to track exactly how many conversions the campaign generated.

Only bid on keywords your personas are searching for

How do you even know this? Well, after building your buyer personas, you’ll understand how they use the internet and what problems and challenges they have relating to your services that they need help overcoming. Whether it’s they find the legal sector dishonest, too pushy or perhaps lacking in empathy, your firm can tackle these misconceptions with your direct and persuasive language in your ad copy.

Pursue your legal personas with paid advertising

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