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Catrin Hughes

Law firms: Creating personalised web content to generate more case enquiries

The sheer amount of content on the web can make it difficult for your company to stand out. This is where personalised web content can help. Creating a personalised web content strategy can assist your law firm in cutting through the noise to generate more case enquiries.


What is personalised web content?

Personalised web content is a form of content marketing, which uses visitor data to deliver targeted relevant content based on the visitor’s interests, motivations and location. Also known as content customisation, it involves the use of user data to deliver the right landing page with a highly targeted call-to-action based on segmentation such as geography and industry.

For example, as a law firm you may wish to use different landing pages for visitors looking for a personal service, such as a divorce solicitor than you would for a visitor who is looking for a commercial service.

How does personalised web content work?

For personalised web content to work you will need a content management system (CMS) that is able to display a number of landing pages tailored to your predefined user profiles. If your CMS is not able to do this right now, there are add-ons you can download and tools such as Smart Content that can integrate into your platform and only require an embed code.

To be able to collect the information you need to deliver personalised content; you can use both opt-in and anonymous data.

Opt-in data: This is information the user has offered to you willingly through mediums such as forms, surveys and social identification channels like Facebook Connect.

Anonymous data: This is information gathered by cookies, tracking IP addresses and analytic platforms.

Getting started with personalised web content

If you’ve identified that personalised web content is the right way to go for your law firm, then follow the tips below to get started:

  • Identify your audience segments: Your audience segments should come from your personas. When starting out don’t go overboard, choose your top persona and start from there. This is also applicable if you are doing landing pages based on location.
  • Set up your CMS: Make sure you are able to track the information you need to deliver an effective strategy and ensure you have tools like Smart Content or Gravity set up.
  • Configure rules and create segmented content: Whichever tools you choose you will be required to create rules based on your segmentation. Once the rules have been set up it’s time to create your content.

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The ultimate guide to self-generating case enquiries

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