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Helen Jackson

Law firms: How buyer personas impact your content marketing strategy

Buyer personas not only affect your content marketing strategy, but they also affect your firm’s digital marketing strategy as a whole. Without buyer personas your strategy would lack direction and overall synergy. Why plan a content marketing strategy with only a loose idea of who your audience consists of and what you think they want? Surely, it’s better to base something as important as this on real data combined with educated assumptions?

Read on to find out more about how buyer personas impact your content marketing strategy, OR, if you’re ready to build your personas from scratch, take a look at these buyer persona templates.

Law firms: How buyer personas impact your content marketing strategy

You’ll have targets to aim for that actually mean something

Rather than plucking figures out of the air when marketing to your personas your targets are based around their goals and challenges. Having the ability to build content pieces that offer a worthy solution for your personas, will make your content marketing more successful and the results much more worthwhile and in-line with your firm’s overall goals and objectives.

Persona’s help you make a more meaningful connection with your audience

Being able to understand what motivates your audience to purchase, and the journey they go through when researching firms that can provide a solution to their challenges, helps your business make a much more meaningful connection with its audience. Being able to relate and empathise with their challenges, without overly promoting your firm, can help ensure your firm stays at the forefront of their mind when it eventually comes to making that service purchasing decision.

They keep every member of your team focused

As we’ve mentioned above, building buyer personas does help keep your targets focused and more realistic; but they also help keep each and every member of your firm’s team focused on the customer. If you send around your main buyer persona to every team member, they’ll understand the potential client’s problems and worries when looking for legal services. Knowing these little details about the audience doesn’t just help keep your marketing focused and on-track; it can also help keep each department of your law firm, particularly sales and customer support, in the know when approaching and dealing with customers. All these actions help make your firm more approachable, personable and generally knowledgeable about who their customer is and want they’re looking for in a legal service.

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