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Helen Jackson

Law firms: How to effectively monitor campaign performance cross-channel

Struggling to effectively monitor your campaign performance cross-channel? No worries – we’re here to help! Find three tips to help you out below.

how to effectively monitor campaign performance cross-channel

Firstly, have a target in mind for each channel    

Having an idea of what you want and expect each channel to bring to your campaign will make it so much easier to measure the campaign performance cross-channel. For example, if you predict based on past campaigns that social media will bring in over 1000 site visitors throughout the duration of the campaign, you can realistically put targets in place. Benchmarking targets to previous campaigns and tweaking them as the existing campaign unfolds, is a realistic and achievable way to set goals and objectives.

Implement an attribution model

You need to understand how each channel contributes to your campaign’s overall conversion rate, to grasp the bigger picture when it comes to the depth of your digital marketing and the conversion pathway.

Attribution modelling is a combination of rules that decide the value of every touch point in a conversion pathway. Did you know that attributing the value to the last touch point before a conversion is what 28% of marketers measure? When the beginning and the middle of the conversion path can be just as, if not more, important. You’ll want to understand the exact process your users go through before converting; this way you’ll know at which points in the user journey you’ll need to keep an eye on in order to effectively monitor your firm’s campaign performance.

Tying all your channels together

Being able to gather all channel performance data and making sense of it can be a time-consuming exercise. It’s all well and good understanding the performance of each channel separately, but collating all that data into one and understanding the performance of the campaign as a whole can be tricky. After amalgamating your channel data, you need to tally up how many visitors, to leads, and then into case enquiries you’ve generated as a whole throughout the campaign.

We’ve made this last bit really easy for you with our FREE campaign analysis templates. The templates help you measure visitors, leads and case enquiries generated on a monthly basis – this way you can confidently approach the board members of your firm with a comprehensive overview of your campaign performance.

Access your campaign templates, now!

download your free campaign analysis templates

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