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Andy Donaldson

Law Firms: How to measure your content strategy

Measuring your content marketing strategy is just as important as the creation and implementation phases. To build and maintain a successful campaign in the future, you’ll need to know what worked well and what didn’t work so well throughout past campaigns.

But how can you best measure your content marketing strategies? Here are our top 3 tips!

Use Google Analytics to measure your content strategy

Google Analytics

If you haven’t already had Google Analytics implemented into your website pages, you’re missing out on a whole host of useful and more importantly FREE data. Use Google Analytics to analyse your overall site traffic, referral traffic, goal conversions and more. With the ability to search by date range, Google Analytics allows all legal marketers to get up close and personal with their website data. Using, in-depth, what pages have the most views vs what pages produce the highest bounce rates, is all helpful data that can inform your strategies, both current and ongoing.

Twitter analytics

The analytics built within the Twitter platform is incredibly in-depth, clustering your content together and offering up a monthly overview is a highly useful and informative feature. Showing your firm statistics including, tweet with most impressions, newest follower with the highest following, tweet with most engagement and how many visits your profile received is all useful information you can use to measure against your campaign progress. Twitter analytics also gives you a quick synopsis compared to the previous month, which is great ‘at a glance’ information.

Share Tally

Share Tally is a free platform that allows you to search for a specific URL to find out how your blog post, or website page has been received in the social sphere. Bringing back useful data including number of shares and engagement levels across 20 different social sharing platforms. Understanding how each of your company’s blog posts have been received can help inform the social media arm of your digital strategy. Knowing that it has been shared a number of times across Facebook, for example, can take your firm down the paid Facebook audiences section of social media.

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