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Learn how your firm can solve the 3 most common A/B test problems

A/B testing is a highly effective method of finding out what works and what doesn’t on your legal website, allowing you to compare the effectiveness of several elements against one and other. But A/B testing doesn’t come without its challenges so here are three of the most common issues legal marketers have with A/B testing and how you can solve them.

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 1.When is it safe to declare a winner

One of the biggest challenges legal marketers face when conducting A/B tests is when do you declare a winner and roll out that best performing element to the rest of your website. Well it’s not just as simple as picking the variation that first seems to be increasing conversion rate. 

It’s important that you let your tests run for a long enough period of time and receive enough visitors to be able to validate your results, as time of day, week, month and year can all have an effect on the willingness of visitors to convert.

So the answer to the question, when do you declare a winner of an A/B test is that there is no one-size-fits-all rule, it all depends on the individual circumstances of your legal firm. But you should focus on gathering a large enough sample size and long enough duration so that you can ensure you are getting a complete view.

2. How do you run an A/B test with little traffic

The issue with running an A/B test on a site or page which receives little traffic is that the results can be potentially dangerous, due to not being able to give you the aforementioned, complete view. Here results may tell you, you should make a change as you see a 50% increase in conversion rate, but if your sample size is two visitors then it’s not a valid test and isn’t representative of what a larger sample may suggest.

To solve this problem you should look outside of A/B testing to gather information on what your firm’s potential client’s think about the changes you wish to make. Conducting qualitative research can be a great way of doing this; you can carry out surveys using tools such as Survey Monkey or interview current clients. This all helps you to understand how your users use your site and feel about changes to the user experience.

3. How do you know if your conversion rate is good

Conversion rate can be a dreadful metric for your legal firm to focus on and we discuss that in detail in a blog here, while discussing how you can use it in a meaningful way in this blog. But in summary what’s important is not the increase in conversion rate, but what that increase in conversion rate will allow your firm to do.

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There you go, how to solve the three most common A/B testing problems for your legal firm.


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