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Matthew Crehan

Legal Marketing: Conversion rate research you need to conduct today

The second stage of any successful legal conversion rate process is research and without it your whole CRO plan will fail. Here you really need to delve into how your ideal claimants interact with your firm’s website and how the pages of your site perform. So in this blog we’ll take a look at the two most important forms of research you need to conduct for your firm today.

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 2 forms of conversion rate optimisation research your legal firm needs to conduct or risk failing

Quantitative research

When conducting quantitative research one of the most easily accessible tools to any legal marketer is Google Analytics.  Google Analytics provides you with a whole host of data on how your site is performing, from information on demographics, to page views, bounce rate, time on site and much, much more.

Here you can begin to understand how users interact with your legal site, comparing data month on month and year on year for any trends. You can also set up goal conversions such as if someone subscribes to your blog or downloads an eBook which allows you to see the success of landing pages.

The use of heatmaps and clickmaps allow you to gain insight into which areas of your pages are interacted with most and get the most clicks. Pages that you identify as performing poorly on Google Analytics can be investigated to see if there is a reason why. It may be the case that you have an image, icon or text that looks clickable but isn’t and therefore when users click it and nothing happens they leave instead of continuing to engage with the page. Or maybe users are only reading to a certain point in a blogs content and then leaving, here it could be that the blog has nothing to do with the title or that the content itself just isn’t strong enough to keep readers engaged and therefore needs re-working to make it convert better. These are all things that just simply looking at your Google data you wouldn’t be able to understand.


Qualitative Research

As well as quantitative research, to really begin delving into the ‘why’ a potential claimant behaves the way they do, you need to conduct qualitative research. But just where do you start?

Well luckily for you, you’ve got a whole bunch of clients and visitors who you can speak to. And if there is an issue on your legal site that is causing them pain, they’ll probably be more than happy to tell you about it.

A useful starting point here is to simply make it easy for visitors to contact you and you can even provide a technical issue contact form. This is pretty unobtrusive and lets you receive feedback when users have an issue.

Stepping it up from there you can use various survey tools, such as Survey Monkey on your website to help gather data on how users feel about certain aspects of your website from page content, layout, colour scheme, navigation or something completely different.

Again taking it to the next level you can conduct interviews with your potential clients or form a focus group allowing you to get direct feedback on a range of topics, not only your website.

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All of this allows you to research just how your website is performing and how users interact and behave on it, when you then take and analyse this behaviour you can then begin to generate ideas on how to improve your website and help remove the challenges potential claimants face on your site and therefore increase your conversion rate.

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