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4 legal conversion rate trends for 2016 that your firm needs to know!

Conversion rate optimisation is a powerful and cost effective strategy within the legal marketing world and in 2016 there are a number of legal conversion rate trends your firm should know about. So take a look at the top four trends below and start optimising your legal site to convert new cases today!

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legal conversion rate optimisation trends for 2016

Mobile Optimisation

A couple statistics to begin with, there are over 1.2 billion people who use mobile devices to access the web and 61% of them form a better opinion of a brand if they offer a great mobile experience.

With this in mind it’s key that your firm’s website is optimised for mobile users providing fast load times, easy visibility and simple mobile functionality.



Personalisation of your legal site is critical to increasing conversion rate. Potential clients want to feel directly connected to the services your firm offers and the content they read. But it’s not only on-site where personalisation can increase the number of cases generated, email and social media need to speak to your ideal claimants on a personal level and create an open space for interaction.


Cross platform testing

With increased use of mobile, tablet and wearable tech along with other connected technologies the need to test the suitability of your content, design and other elements is more important than ever. Here are three suggestions for exploring the full potential of your cross platform testing:

  1. Know what your users want – Understand your users and what it is they want. By knowing which platforms they use you can focus your legal firm’s optimisation efforts.
  2. Conform to UI/UX guidelines - By understanding the respective guidelines for each, your firm can utilise the full functionality of the platforms.
  3. Test frequently – By testing your site frequently you can optimise elements and reduce the risk of errors at later stages.


Custom call-to-actions

Call-to-action buttons allow you to drive your potential claimants to the next step in their conversion process. You need to consider a number of things such as your CTA design, be it a simple in-text CTA at the start of a blog or a graphic at the end of your post. Be it the wording and placement or the actual offer itself. Ask yourself, is it something that will actually benefit your audience?

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By optimising your legal firm’s website for these four conversion rate optimisation trends you can get ahead of the curve and start developing new cases for your firm in no time at all.


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