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Andy Donaldson

[Legal Workshop] Learn how to increase inbound case enquiries in 3 hours

As our workshop fast approaches, my mind turns to why we are running the workshop in the first place. The answer to that sits firmly in these three sections...

1) The small claims limit reforms

Law firms over the past few years have been increasingly looking at their websites to self-generate case enquiries. Why? Well partly to do with the small claims limit reforms AND partly to do with business growth plans. So we thought why not share our 10 years' legal digital marketing experience to make that process a less perilous one for law firms.

2) Setting the record straight!

Digital marketing strategies and their execution within the legal space are VERY different than for many others sectors. For example, with fashion retailers, there are strategies we deploy that can quite easily be utilised on a travel clients campaign, or for an insurance client. The difference with these sectors being the audience personas and the tone/direction used but the strategy is the same. For legal clients, however, the complexities of their offering means that traditional digital strategy approaches will not work as effectively. Why? Well, it is a combination of the fact that a ‘legal enquiry’ can be complex in its nature. There is no comparison between a serious injury case enquiry and buying a pair of shoes. Therefore the strategy and direction employed to drive a shoe purchase needs to be inherently different than that of a serious spinal injury as a result of a road traffic accident.

The other reason is we got sick of other agencies giving the wrong information about this strategy in order to secure a quick new client win. Here at Hit Search, we have been working with a number of the top legal 500 firms for many years and we want to use this experience and background to set the record straight for all who want to hear it!

3) Let's get out there...

Finally, and unashamedly, some self-promotion. We want to continue to be seen as legal experts. So when a law firm does require digital marketing strategy assistance from an agency who knows the market – Hit Search is on the tip of the tongue!

The Hit Search legal workshop is on the 23rd March 2017 from 9am until 12pm and is being held in central Liverpool. Below is the agenda of each of the morning's sessions:

  • Understanding your audience
  • Attract the right 'motivated' traffic to your site
  • Converting this traffic into new high-value cases
  • Analysing & monitoring your campaign progress & performance

Please click here to register for your FREE tickets. Limited places are available.

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If you have a business in the financial sector and would like to up your marketing game or receive some expert information about digital marketing for financial services, then get in touch with a member of our team!

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