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Laura Nicholson

Love Island: How challenger brands have leveraged the social conversation

If you haven’t been living and breathing the past 46 episodes, checking the Twitter hashtag for the latest re-coupling drama and voting via the app to ‘save’ your favourite dynamic duo then you’ve probably dug yourself a hole and crawled inside in order to avoid the reality TV pandemonium that has totally taken over the nation’s sanity for the past eight weeks. love island

It’s fair to say that Love Island’s influence on the digital world has been a huge one, with every brand who knows what’s what showing their ‘loyalty’ to the craziest concept on television. If you’ve been parked in front of the TV at 9pm sharp every evening then you will have noticed that Superdrug are Love Island’s trusty main sponsor again this year, with the game show choosing to couple up with the lucky cosmetics company for a third consecutive year – a gig many brands have lusted over, and with good reason. After some digging, we discovered that, last year, after Superdrug featuring five times per episode they experienced a 10% increase in brand awareness, a 9% increase in purchase intent, followed by 200K online visits after EACH show and a whopping 900% increase in Superdrug brand search terms, showcasing the enormous impact that being involved with something so ‘on trend’ can have on a brand that closely matches the TV show’s audience demographics. 

 Scalable Retail Revenue Growth

This year, the advertising stakes have been ramped up a little, with new partner, fast fashion company Missguided, ‘winning’ a bid to dress the entire villa, sending ‘bucket loads’ of clothing to the contestants. This has not only enabled them to do a day by day ‘Love Island Latest’ style edit, where consumers can click straight through from the app to shop their favourite looks of the night, but also made sure some of the newest, hot off the press social media influencers are wearing their products. And the result? An increase in sales between 7pm and midnight during show times and a 40% spike in sales week on week. Missguided haven’t taken their finger off the button from the very second the Islanders strutted the infamous villa, with Missguided chief customer officer saying that the Missguided and ITV teams have a daily conversation to catch up with the latest from the show and most importantly to discuss who’s wearing what. They then ask themselves; how can they leverage and use this important information to communicate with people who are in the right place, at the right time?

Other major brands that have been lucky enough to have a slice of the nation’s favourite reality show include Lucozade’s new zero sugar pink lemonade, with the brand’s motive to use Love Island to increase desirability of the pink drink and therefore encourage retailers to stock up for the summer months. Another company taking advantage of everyone’s desperation for sun, sand and sangria, after seeing sunnier climes on the TV every evening, is Jet2, the now designated official travel partner of Love Island.

As well as the above mentioned official partners of Love Island, there are then those savvy brands, mainly from the retail and ecommerce sectors, that have seen the reality show as a golden opportunity to advertise, advertise and then advertise some more, taking advantage of the fact that Love Island is watched by practically everyone in the UK except your Grandad (ok, maybe even your Grandad) and having absolutely no shame in targeting those avid viewers in any possible way. A great example of this is another online retailer; Inthestyle, whose discount codes have been totally in sync with every inch of Island drama, from WEHATEJOSH10, commemorating Josh’s epic betrayal of Georgia by giving 25% off to customers using it, to the £50 voucher to show their customers they’re ‘loyal, babes’. With Love Island drama rife this year, other brands have made some clever moves to make sure they too are joining the conversation, no matter what their market, with DFS claiming to be ‘on the edge of their sofa’ during a particularly intense re-coupling and frozen food brand Iceland plugging Artic ‘loyal’ Argentinian red shrimp. Yes really.  

Although another year of Love Island is now drawing to a close, leaving a significant part of the nation at a loss come weekdays 9pm, we can take a lot from this year’s series in terms of brand influence and digital marketing as a whole. There is no denying that social media is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to marketing your business and whilst large brands have the budget for expensive paid partnerships, you can still increase your own revenue by simply joining the conversation and therefore utilising your social audience. It’s true that everyone can advertise at some level and with social media being an effective, low-cost tool to engage not only with your target market, but the wider public too, very quickly, it can help the success of your brand significantly, no matter how small you are. With this in mind, why not reassess your social strategy today and be sure not to miss the next big bandwagon?

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