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Making a Fashion Statement Online

As a retail brand online, you’re often up against some serious competition and it can take creativity and a bold vision to get noticed online. Digital marketing is a great way to make an impact online and reach a young and social media savvy audience. Here are a couple of ways to make a fashion statement online.


Interactive Video Ads

Pay per click and pay per view are a fantastic way to promote your products online. Creating ads that are shown on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can help you to get in front of the eyes of your target audience but to make them click through to your website, it can mean thinking outside the box. Rather than creating a basic call to action and image ad, why not look at the most modern technology and use this to your advantage. Virtual reality and 360 visual images are paving the way for more creative and engaging ads online, so it’s worth exploring your options. Ads that look different and unusual or have an element of interaction or personalisation will be more intriguing and interesting than a standard text and image ad.


Instagram Collages

Instagram can be used by retail brands as a virtual shop floor. Posting product and lifestyle images of your items, team and offices can help encourage users to engage with your brand online, but when every retail brand is conforming to this standard commercial Instagram activity, it can get a little dull. To spice things up again on your Instagram profile, why not download a couple of apps to help add a little something extra to your images, video clips and profile. Here are a couple of clever Instagram apps to get you started:

Snapseed (Android & IOS) Ideal for photo editing and adding filters.

Photo Glitter Light Effect (Android) Add some sparkle to a product snap.


Adding a customer’s name to any form of direct digital marketing can instantly improve its effect. Personalised marketing campaigns give the impression that you have a close relationship to your customer and that you are taking the time to get to know them. The “Share a Coke” campaign which ran between 2013 and 2014 is a memorable example of how personalisation can have a massive impact on your marketing efforts. By replacing the brand’s iconic logo with names, the campaign took off and was a huge success, earning the company 998 million impressions on Twitter, 235,000 tweets from 111,000 fans using the hashtag #ShareaCoke and more than 150 million personalised bottles were sold.

Digital marketing can be creative, dynamic, innovative and exciting and we strive to think outside the box to create forward thinking digital marketing campaigns for our retail clients.

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