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Helen Jackson

Omni-channel checklist: Can your fashion brand tick all 10?

We think it’s important that as a digital marketing agency, we should provide your fashion brand with an omni-channel checklist. Using the checklist should help you clearly understand what it is that’s blocking your brand becoming a truly omni-channel one.


  1. Do you truly listen to your customers?


  1. Do you take an iterative approach to your website and digital marketing tactics?


  1. 39% of B2C marketers confirmed that they have a content marketing strategy, do you have one?


  1. Do you currently define your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)?


  1. Do you have an Attribution Model in place?


  1. Is everything kept consistent through your marketing channels? E.g. your brand tone of voice, customer service process etc.


  1. Are your marketing objectives SMART?


  1. Is your brand both proactive and reactive?


  1. Do you currently adhere to buyer personas?


  1. Do you have a cross-device strategy?


Can’t tick all 10? Download our eBook below to understand and implement omni-channel for your fashion brand.

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If you can’t tick off all 10 of these points, don’t panic! Get in touch with our team today, you can call us on, 0800 011 9715 - we’re always happy to help.

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