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Susie Hood

Optimising your product data to maximise your Sports Retail PPC returns

Whether you’re advertising on Google/ Bing Shopping, Facebook or Amazon, your product data is the single most important asset to your advertising campaign. Your campaign’s success hinges on you sending the correct, optimised data to the platforms and if you’re sending incomplete, or worse incorrect information then you will waste your advertising spend and missing out on potential sales.

We have compiled some top tips to make sure your product data is fine-tuned...


1) Include relevant information in your product titles

This is the main attribute used to match your products to search queries and having detailed product titles not only allows you to be matched to more relevant terms, it also increases the overall amount of searches your products can be eligible to show for. Here is an example for Nike Vapormax trainers -

Standard product title – Nike Vapormax Trainers

Optimised product title – Nike Air Vapormax Men’s Running Shoe – Black – Size 11

*Additional Tip* - Product titles can be up to 150 characters but will be truncated after 70 so make sure the customer sees the info they really need in the first 70 characters.

2) Ensure you are submitting all required attributes to the platforms

Sending incomplete data, such as missing GTIN’s (barcodes) often results in products not being eligible to feature. If you do have missing or incorrect GTIN’s, it can be a lengthy process to locate each barcode but it’s worth it and your campaigns will benefit from the improved data.

GTIN’s are often also used as a decision search when someone has selected the exact product they want and are just comparing prices and retailers with their debit card in hand!

3) Include the correct and most granular product category.

We have seen several data feeds where the product categories are just the default ones sent over from the website platform.

Let’s look at a cycling jersey as an example, the default, one-size fits all product category is going to be clothing & accessories > clothing. However, you can go into much more granular detail and select clothing & accessories > clothing > activewear > bicycle activewear > bicycle jerseys.

This gives the platform much more detail about the product and, like anything, the better the data that goes in, the better the data that comes out!

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