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Facebook carousel ads: The marketing strategy taking retailers by storm

What is a carousel ad?

Ever since their launch in 2014, Facebook carousel ads have been a hit with retailers. This is mainly due to the nature of the ads allowing them a little more space to be..

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How insurance brands can use online reviews to drive conversions | Hit Search

With just an estimated 20% of insurance brands showing customer reviews on their website, and many also disabling Facebook reviews on their brand pages, it’s probably fair to say that this..

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How Retailers Can Better Connect with Consumers in 2020

As the marketing world moves closer to unlocking the full potential of AI and Google’s algorithms become more and more intuitive – it can be hard to know how best to keep up as a retailer. There..

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5 Insurance Marketing CRO Opportunities You Could be Missing

There may be several reasons why your insurance website is suffering from conversion weaknesses. With experts on hand to implement proven tactics, however, you can begin to see increased..

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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for Law Firms

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a fairly new marketing field that came about with the fast rise of the internet and it should be one that every legal marketer is obsessed with. Whether your..

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Why insurance brands should offer free website tools and calculators

Developing tools for your website that your visitors can use for free, without obligations attached, can feel counter-intuitive for some insurance brands. However, despite the time and resources..

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Advantages of CRO | Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimisation

In this article, we break down the advantages of carrying out CRO (conversion rate optimisation) activities on your website. CRO should be a core element of every digital marketing campaign as it..

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ASA release updated #AD regulations for 2019 Love Island stars

ASA release updated #AD regulations for 2019 Love Island stars to remove social media ambiguity.

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The role of the retail email newsletter in the GDPR age

The introduction of the EU’s GDPR in May 2018 was apparently going to signify the end of the email marketing list for businesses. It’s easy to understand why that was the perception. In the past,..

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Five ways to build links to an insurance website

Having links from other websites to yours can help your insurance firm in a number of ways. Firstly, search engines tend to attribute more authority to websites that have a strong backlink profile..

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