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How financial services brands can do reactive social media marketing in this heavily regulated sector

Anyone who has ever worked in financial services will know how strictly regulated this sector is. Those regulations are there for a reason, of course, but it can bring a huge set of challenges for..

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Why the insurance industry needs to embrace omni-channel marketing

The way that customers find and buy insurance has transformed beyond recognition in recent years, thanks to the evolution of technology. With an increasingly savvy customer base taking..

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Is your insurance firm effectively using online trust signals to increase policy conversions?

In the current online marketplace, insurers have a lot of barriers to overcome with customers before they get a policy sign up. In this highly competitive space, you need to stand out and offer..

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Lush’s Instagram stance: Is social media marketing still a retail brand essential?

Lush UK recently announced that they are moving away from having a large national social media presence on the main platforms, such as Instagram. They posted a statement that indicates they no..

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Three ways to gain key insights into the user journey of your insurance customers

The insurance sector is more competitive than ever. Whether you’re a broad-spectrum insurance firm, a company offering cover in one specific niche, or anywhere in between, understanding the..

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Hit Search shortlisted for 'Influencer Marketing/Outreach company of the year' Blogosphere 2019 Award

VOTE HERE: https://www.blogosphere.biz/awards/#vote 

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Weeding out ‘fake’ influencers from your retail brand campaigns

If you’re a retail brand that works with (or wants to work with) influencers as part of your marketing activity, you won’t have failed to notice a recent increase in stories and buzz around ‘fake’..

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Why insurance firms need to use online customer personas

It’s commonly accepted that in order for any company’s marketing efforts to be effective, knowing who you are trying to reach, what motivates them and what kind of problems need solving, is vital,..

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A biometrics and neuroscience review of Compare the Market’s AutoSergei™ advert

If you haven’t yet seen the video ad that has been all over our TVs and popping up online since just after Christmas last year, where have you been hiding? Whether you’re a fan of the..

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Biometrics & Neuroscience for CRO: What does a conversion rate strategy informed by this data look like?

If your online business invests in advanced CRO testing using biometrics technology and neuroscience to see how your target audience are currently using your website, it’s important to understand..

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