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PPC for law firms: 8 Quick tips for a successful ad campaign

PPC or pay-per-click can be a powerful tool for your law firm, allowing you to see quick results and, through precise targeting, a good return on investment. So check out these eight quick tips to help you have a successful legal PPC campaign.

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 PPC for law firms: 8 quick tips for a successful ad campaign

Create detailed personas

This should go without saying for any of your firms marketing endeavours. By creating a detailed persona of your ideal claimants, you provide yourself with key information: from demographic data to an understanding of your audience’s behaviour. Allowing you to use all this detailed information to create a successful ad.



By knowing who your ideal claimant is through the creation of your persona you can ensure you make your campaign highly relevant and targeted to the right audience. You can set the times of day your ad will run so as to appear when your audience is online. You can also use geo-targeting to only target the key locations of your ideal claimants. And most importantly you can target keywords that your audience is searching for.


Keyword research

Though you will have gained an idea of what keywords to target, through your persona research, it’s really important to conduct comprehensive keyword research. Using tools such as Google and Bing’s keyword planner you can find other useful terms that you should be targeting along with viewing estimated values for bids, overall campaign cost and the potential traffic each targeted term will receive.


Use call extensions

In Google Adwords, you can use the call ad extension to show your business' number on your ad and allow mobile users to call you directly from their device. This can be a great tool which has a much higher conversion rate than simply using a standard ad format.


Show you are local

Another powerful ad extension you can use is the location extension. This ad extension allows you to highlight your business' address within your ad, which for searchers looking for a local firm, can be a great way of grabbing their attention and getting them to click through to your site from your ad.


Take up more real estate on search result pages

By using the site link ad extension you can add up to four links to other relevant pages on your legal site. This not only allows you to highlight key service pages as well as your main ad offer but also to take up even more valuable space on search result pages.



Your firm can use retargeting ads to connect with those who have recently been to your legal site. This form of ad helps to keep you front and centre in their minds and has a high conversion rate and a good return on investment, due to the tendency to only be clicked by those that do have a need for your legal services.


Analyse and optimise

As with the first tip, this step should be part of all your legal marketing endeavours, and with PPC it can be a huge advantage, as dashboards like Adwords allows you to have real-time and daily oversight of your campaigns. This allows you to easily optimise underperforming ads and push higher performing ads further by increasing their budget and frequency you wish them to be shown.

 Pursue your legal personas with paid advertising

Utilise these eight quick tips today to ensure your law firm’s PPC campaigns successfully generate new leads and business for your firm. 

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