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Helen Jackson

PPC management advice for law firms

If your firm is new to the PPC channel, it can be quite daunting to go from nothing to suddenly having to fully manage and operate your account single-handedly. So we’ve gathered some PPC management advice for law firms below:

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PPC management advice for law firms

Visit your campaigns at least once a week

It’s important to visit and analyse your PPC campaigns on a weekly basis, at least. You can’t just set your campaigns to go live and then only re-visit them once they’ve ran their course. You need to be able to approach your campaigns with a reactive and proactive attitude, making changes and continually testing new ad elements. Re-visiting your campaigns is what will give you that edge over your paid search competition.

Optimise your ad landing pages

Whether you’re running multiple campaigns to the same landing page, or whether you’re pushing two different offers across a selection of ads, you need to ensure your landing pages are fully optimised. Make sure the copy on your landing pages is instantly recognisable as the correct landing page linked through from the ad itself. There’s no point driving traffic to a landing page that’s irrelevant, or doesn’t outwardly discuss the action you mention within the ad. Always think of the full buyer’s journey, from searching for keywords, all the way through to converting.

Combine your SEO and PPC channels

Combing your organic and paid efforts, can help your brand appear more dominant in the search results. With your name appearing more than once, this reinforces the authority of your law firm immediately to the searcher. The keyword search volume and overall performance through your PPC campaigns, can also help you decipher how you’re going to optimise the other marketing elements of your firm, such as on-site content and content and outreach marketing. Knowing what it is your audience are searching for will only help inform future strategies across your firm’s full marketing spectrum.

Pursue your legal personas with paid advertising

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