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Andy Donaldson

3 reasons your travel bookings are failing to increase on mobile

We share three reasons your travel brand could be failing to increase its mobile bookings.

Are you guilty of doing any of these?

reasons your travel bookings are failing to increase on mobile

Your navigation is too complicated on mobile

When you’re on your website, on a desktop computer, the menu seems easily navigable it might be laid out with a top menu and then more detailed dropdowns – you can find everything with no problems! If you switch to your mobile device, however, you might notice that your menu becomes complicated and it’s now very difficult to find what it is you’re looking for.

It’s always important to remember that mobile screens are significantly smaller than desktop screens, that the user isn’t using a mouse but, instead, their thumb. Everything clickable on your site should, therefore, be big enough to click with your thumb. Always try and make your navigation as clear and clean as possible for your mobile users, this way, they’ll find what they came for and remember their experience was pleasant one.

Your calls-to-action aren’t followed by a dedicated landing page

You could have the best call-to-action (CTA) ever, but once clicked, if the user doesn’t land on a page they were expecting to see, they’ll bounce straight off and you’ve lost a user, PLUS you could be wasting money if this landing page has an integral part to play in your paid campaigns!

Make sure you mirror the language you’ve used on your CTA onto your landing page, try using the same images, too. All these familiar elements will help to reassure the user that they’re on the right page and can increase the conversion rate of your travel brand’s campaign.

Your travel brand is nowhere to be found in mobile results

If you’re a travel agents, for example, you might have a variety of different branch locations. Even if it’s just the one location, it’s important your site is optimised for local mobile search. With 87% of smartphone owners using a search engine at least once a day and 18% of local mobile searches leading to a sale within one day, according to Business 2 Community, it is crucial that your travel brand capitalises on these mobile opportunities.

Make sure your travel brand has specific localised contact us pages, localised content, local business listings and has localised phone numbers; these are all tips that can help boost your local search profile.

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