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Susie Hood

Scaling up digital marketing activity & results

As your business grows and you see results from your marketing activity, it can be tempting to simply do more of the same and expect the return to increase in line with this.

In some areas, this may work to a degree, but scaling up marketing strategies successfully over time requires a more measured and data-led approach.

Scalable Retail Revenue Growth

For example, if you've been working with bloggers or influencers of a certain level, to help your business jump to the next level, you will want to consider whether working with more of a similar ilk, or moving up to a higher authority/influence individual or two is best for your business. More social media followers doesn't necessarily mean they are all as relevant or engaged as those following a micro-influencer.

TOP TIP: Test new tactics and see, but don't commit to any long-term strategy changes until you can see from the results what is working better for your ROI.

scalin up

Keep your core objectives at the centre

When you increase your marketing budget to scale up the intensity, it's important not to lose sight of the objectives at the heart of your campaign. Trying different tactics is a great way to find new methods that can be profitable, but always ensure that the results will contribute to your overall goals before committing significant resources to them.

Track KPIs and customer insight

As you upscale activity in any or all areas of SEO, content, outreach and social media marketing, you'll need to tweak your KPIs in light of the increased budget.

Whilst your persona development at the start of your campaign should have been accurate, as retailers grow, their audience does too.

TOP TIP: Use analytics and customer data to review your personas at least once every 12 months and see if they need to be expanded or amended to keep pace with your true online audience.

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