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Helen Jackson

Social media profile tips to help your firm stand out

Statista reported, that in the second quarter of this year, there were an unbelievable 313 million active users on Twitter! So if you’re using Twitter, alongside some other social channels, perhaps Facebook and LinkedIn, just sit back and imagine the possibilities for your law firm, if you managed to perfect your social media marketing and reel in a torrent of new leads!

So, how can we help? We’re sharing our top social media profile tips to help your firm stand out!

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Keep branding consistent

Seem basic? We’ve witnessed a lot of companies with different logos on different social channels! You might think it won’t really have an impact, so you’ve used a black logo on Twitter and a red one on Facebook? Your audience might not really care about the specifics, but when you’re trying to build a strong brand presence across social media, you’ll want to be consistent with your branding and any details you highlight on these profiles. You want your social audience to see your logo and think instantly ‘I know who they are!’ - You’ll never achieve this awareness if you’re inconsistent.

Use trending hashtags

Don’t simply jump on top of any news you see trending; your followers probably don’t care about Justin Bieber. Any trending hashtag that is remotely relevant to your firm’s niche, get a tweet out there using the hashtag. This not only highlights your firm as relevant, but you never know who’s searching the network for that hashtag – with any luck it’ll be someone on the lookout for legal representation! To check the volume of searches for a particular hashtag, and to get more hashtag suggestions, head over to Hashtagify – it’s free!

Keep your posts short and sweet

There’s already a cap on the character length of a Twitter post, but regardless of this cap, tweets can still come across vague and just generally unappealing. You need to use those 140 characters to make an impact, provoke an opinion, or intrigue the user to click the link you’ve provided. You also need to make sure that the link you’re sending them to, is relevant to what you’ve just said in your post! There’s no point tricking them into clicking the link – they’ll just bounce right back off the page anyway!

Have a profile cover photo designed

We’re not suggesting you pay a professional designer just for this service, but if you’re currently working with an agency, or you’ve got the resource and skill in-house, get one designed! One for each profile you’re active on. Something that’s bright, engaging and, of course, relevant to your business and in-keeping with the tone of the rest of your firm’s marketing. Not sure about the sizes required for each channel photo? Check out these cover photo dimensions, from HubSpot.

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