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Lauren Fitzsimmons

The 4 steps of the law enquiry generation process

Although the enquiry generation process is likely to be different for each legal sector, the end goal remains the same in the sense that they should eventually turn into conversions. If you are reviewing your legal firm’s strategy in the hope to understand the enquiry generation process, we might have just the tool for you with our easy to follow downloadable guide.

The 4 steps of the law enquiry generation process

What is the enquiry generation process?

As a legal firm online, the message you send to potential customers will have an impact on whether they act upon it. The enquiry generation process is the technique in which you produce compelling content that leads to an enquiry and then turns into business for the firm. With the Internet being the way it is, online users have the ability to ignore or even block any content that they do not deem relevant to their preferences and therefore, it’s essential your marketing messaging is appropriate for who you’re hoping to target.

What is involved in the enquiry generation process?

There is usually a four step process involved with the generation of enquiries and this will define the quality of enquiry that you’re likely to receive. In order to create the right content, it’s essential you understand who you’re hoping to target - this comes in the form of persona creation. Using current audience data you can craft your personas, this will help your firm understand what you should put in front of them, enabling you to segment your content, as well as filtering it into niche sections which will then increase conversions.

After this, your firm is going to need to attract more visitors and invite them onto your site; whether this comes in the form of paid advertising or social campaigns, the more people who recognise your firm online, the more likely you will receive enquiries. Producing content that users can engage with, as well as information that relates to what they may be searching for, will also encourage your website visitors to convert.

It’s not uncommon for legal firms to run campaigns without measuring or reflecting on the results after they have finished. It’s important to analyse what has worked well and what hasn’t after every campaign; this will help you to fine tune your strategy and increase the number of enquiries you’re likely to receive for future campaigns.

Want to find out more?

Whether you’re interested in creating new goals, producing personas or need to know more about campaign analysis, access our free guide to self-generating case enquiries here.  

The ultimate guide to self-generating case enquiries

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