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The benefits of marketing automation for law firms

Marketing automation is a digital tactic that is a must for B2B and B2C industries, alike. It’s a tactic that can continually keep your customers in the loop, delivering new content and new offers to them on a website action triggered basis.

If a user has downloaded a guide from your firm’s website, for example, but you haven’t followed up with them on an email and tried to re-engage them with your site, when it comes to them deciding that they need legal representation, who is to say your name will definitely come to mind? You need to keep your firm’s name firmly embedded in their mind, so you’re one of the first law firms they think of contacting.

Here’s 4 benefits of marketing automation for your firm.

the benefits of marketing automation for law firms

Benefit 1: More relevant communication

A survey carried out by Econsultancy found that, 78% of respondents said the most notable benefit of marketing automation was that they were witnessing more relevant communication between the customer and their business.

Not only does communication between customer and business become more relevant, it also becomes much more timely, allowing your firm to connect with users quicker, delivering even more relevant content to correlate with their pain points, and helping them move closer to overcome their goals and challenges.

Benefit 2: Increased engagement

Imagine receiving an email from a company you bought a pair of men’s shoes from, only to open the email and it’s about something completely irrelevant to your purchase, such as the brand’s new children’s line. You’re not very likely to engage with this email, on account that it isn’t relevant to your lifestyle or your previous purchases.

Sending emails triggered by a specific action a user has completed on your firm’s site, ensures your emails are kept relevant to the user’s journey up until that point. A relevant email means higher levels of interaction and overall engagement.

Benefit 3: Save time and resources

As a marketer in a law firm, we know your time is precious; particularly if you’re working alone. And that’s where automating some of your marketing, including social media and email, will come in handy, perhaps not at first, but definitely in the long run!

Just don’t forget to check in with the progress of both your email and social media marketing, it can be easy to forget about these channels once you’ve automated them. You can’t forget the human element to your social and email marketing channels. It’s important you adopt a reactive strategy when responding to issues over social or hard bounce issues through email.

Benefit 4: Increased revenue

It was reported by The Lenskold Group that 78% of successful marketers say that marketing automation is most responsible for improving revenue contribution. Even though you might not see an immediate return on investment, this statistic highlights the impact of marketing automation on your firm’s revenue.

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If you have a business in the financial sector and would like to up your marketing game or receive some expert information about digital marketing for financial services, then get in touch with a member of our team!

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