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Andy Donaldson

The biggest barriers to fashion omni-channel marketing

We all come up against barriers through our digital marketing channels time to time. But it’s overcoming the barriers and learning from them that helps us build a stronger digital marketing strategy. If your fashion brand is contemplating making the switch to an omni-channel strategy, you need to be aware of the most common barriers to omni-channel marketing so you can appropriately plan and then successfully implement it, with minimal disruption to your users’ purchasing experience.

Barrier #1: Inaccurate channel analysis

We can stress enough, here at Hit Search, just how important it is to be able to accurately measure your current channels. Being able to measure your current digital marketing channels is not only important in understanding channel strength or weakness, but to help you make informed decisions about future channel selection. You can accurately analyse your current digital marketing channel through many different ways including, CRO, Attribution Modelling, Google Analytics and a whole host of other tools and methods.

Barrier #2: Miscommunication

Failure to communicate between departments can ultimately lead to the sole failure of your omni-channel strategy implementation. If goals and objectives are shared and understood by all team members, how will your fashion brand deliver a seamless customer experience regardless of device or channel? It would be completely impossible for your cross-channel teams to be able to work toward the same end goal if each aspect of your omni-channel strategy isn’t crystal clear. To ensure communication flow continuously, your internal teams should meet regularly and should be encouraged to ask as many questions about the new strategy as possible. You need continued communication throughout the entirety of the campaign and beyond.

Barrier #3: Strategy inconsistencies

When it comes to implementing your strategy, it’s important you iron out any inconsistencies. Having inconsistencies present in any aspect of your strategy can cause major problems for your fashion brand. For example, even inconsistencies throughout your social media strategy can create an erratic brand message and tone of voice, being consistent with your brand communication and general customer service is a must in order to achieve the desired omni-channel fashion brand. Strategy should be approached and scrutinised with both cross-channel and cross-device customers in mind.

If you’d like to learn more about omni-channel marketing for your fashion brand and how to implement it, download our omni-channel eBook below. Or get in touch with our team today.

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