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Susie Hood

The importance of seasonal landing pages for fashion brands and retailers

If you’ve ever wondered how to get more traction for your Black Friday or Christmas promotions, your new Autumn/Winter lines, or any other annual campaign, then getting your seasonal landing page strategy right could make all the difference. If you plan your new season’s lines many months in advance, it’s a mistake not to prepare your on-site campaign pages in a similar manner.


The danger of only creating, and marketing, your seasonal landing pages at the last minute, is that your competitors may well have been doing so all year round, so they’ll be well ahead of you when it comes to organic traffic and the authority that brings good search engine rankings for relevant search terms.

All year round landing pages

That’s right; we’re recommending that you keep your seasonal landing pages live all year round, not just in the weeks or days leading up to your new campaign. That way, your pages can build authority (and carry it over from previous years) and it means you’re not starting from scratch every time. The URL remains the same for the page, year after year.


The content on your seasonal landing pages will need to change when it’s no longer relevant until you’re ready the following year to start again. So, if you’re running a Black Friday promotion, once the campaign is over, you replace the content or products on the page with some relevant holding content about the next event and Black Friday in general and keep it live. A good example of this type of holding page can be found on the Debenhams site.

You can change the page content again in the lead up to the next event, maybe add a countdown clock with a couple of weeks to go, for example, and more specific news or info about what will be included in the upcoming special offers.

Change the title tag

As the URL will remain the same, year after year, on your seasonal pages, you will need to change the title tag each time to make sure this reflects the current event (before and during the campaign) or next year’s event/campaign (after the promotion has ended).

Preparation, preparation, preparation

If you don’t have any yet, then getting seasonal landing pages live, even months in advance of when they are officially ‘needed’ is a great idea. Even if you’re not sure yet what you’ll be doing for an upcoming campaign yet e.g. January Sales, you can still get a holding page with some relevant content live now in preparation. By the time you do have the full campaign mapped out and are ready to update the page with more specific info, you might already have a head start on some of your competition.

Build page strength

If you’re a brand or retailer who creates a new seasonal page each time you run a campaign and deletes the old ones as soon as they’re over (even if you redirect the page), you’re wasting the long term impact of what you’re achieving in the short term.

If you work with press, influencers and bloggers during campaigns, who link to the landing page, by keeping the page live permanently, you’re not missing out on any of the SEO benefit of that link (which may grow over time when the blogger or influencer’s authority also increases), or any relevant referral traffic that might arrive because of it.

If you worked with some great partners on last year’s Black Friday campaign and they all still link to your landing page, you’ll be reaping the rewards of that increased search engine authority this year too.

A well-optimised landing page, with carefully-timed content changes, combined with strategic outreach activity along with your other marketing efforts, could make all the difference to an upcoming seasonal campaign and for many years to come.


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