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The Key Benefits of Fantastic User Experience

Adopting an iterative attitude to all aspects of your fashion website is important in order to stay competitive. Arguably, one of the most important aspects for retaining and attracting new customers, is user experience. Being able to spot and implement changes when pages just aren’t converting or realising when features could be better placed around your site, can be a skill for sure.

If you’re still undecided whether you should be upgrading your site’s user experience, check out the below top key benefits of fantastic user experience.

The key benefits of fantastic user experience

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Increased customer satisfaction

You want your visitors to become customers who then, in turn, become repeat customers, who become brand advocates. That pathway may seem long-winded, but trust us, it’s well worth following. Continually satisfying your customers with incredible user experience can help your brand create a positive reputation. A positive reputation for customer satisfaction can ultimately become a strong unique selling point (USP) for your fashion brand.

Visibility in Google

OK so we can’t guarantee this benefit but, you do have a much better chance at ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) of Google. Why? Well, cast your mind back to April 2015, when Google unleashed the dreaded Mobilegeddon algorithm update. Google wanted all online businesses to understand that user experience should be a priority for all of us. With so many users now using mobile to search, purchase and generally browse goods online, it seems if you wanted to adopt a reactive nature to user experience, then that was the time. So, continue to put your user first through both your site design and content marketing.

Positive word of mouth

You’ve increased customer satisfaction, so naturally, you’ve increased positive word of mouth. How effective is word of mouth marketing nowadays? It’s old school, right? Wrong. Word of mouth marketing can do wonders for your fashion brand. According to Nielson, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends over all other forms of advertising. The trouble is, getting to that point can be tricky. So, to ensure your brand can reap the word of mouth benefits, make sure your digital marketing strategy employs a consistently high-quality, innovative and navigable user interface. This can help you reach your ultimate goal – increasing revenue.

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