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Susie Hood

The latest ad opportunities for UK fashion brands on Pinterest

Pinterest claim to drive more referral traffic to shopping sites than the other social platforms. Their figures indicate that Pinterest sends 33% more users than Facebook, 71% more than Snapchat and 200% more than Twitter, to retail sites. Is your fashion retail business using Pinterest to maximise sales?

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Pinterest ads have been available, in one form or another, to UK businesses since 2016. However, they have been evolving their paid offering since then and have since released new formats and options that can fit extremely well with the fashion retail sector. In this blog we overview the main and latest relevant Pinterest ad opportunities and how they can be used by fashion brands to increase both brand awareness and revenue.

Promoted Pins

The most established type of Pinterest ads, standard promoted pins have been available to any UK brand with a business account since 2016. There is no minimum spend obligation, and the ads can be set up with a self-serve process in a similar way to other social ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Under the standard format, promoted pins can appear in account holders’ Pinterest search results, in their home feed, or in the ‘related pins’ section. With this ad format, it takes two clicks to visit the website, as the first click enlarges the pin, then the second allows the user to click through to the URL provided.

One-tap Promoted Pins

Exactly the same at standard promoted pins, but with a single click, users are directed to the URL, making this a great option for fashion brands wanting to make the shopping journey as simple and straightforward as possible.

Promoted Video Pins

A great option for launches of new lines to raise awareness, or the pushing of individual products, video pins can be displayed with still pins containing related imagery e.g. the same garment in various different colour options, or paired with other mix and match garments to show how it can be worn in different ways.

Pinterest Shopping Ads

In March 2018, Pinterest opened up a new opportunity to a wider number of brands, for the first time in the UK, called Pinterest Shopping Ads. This essentially turns a brand’s product range into shoppable Pinterest ads, in a similar way to Google shopping feeds. Pinners are able to shop directly from an image they see on Pinterest. This ad format is not available on a self-serve basis currently, and requires acceptance into partnership with Pinterest Propel, their partnership program. There is usually a minimum ad spend requirement for brands joining Pinterest Propel, of at least $100 per day.

Potential future Pinterest advertising opportunities

Pinterest’s ‘Shop the Look’ pins are also now rolling out in the UK, but there are not currently advertising options for this feature. This could have great potential as a quick and smooth ‘inspiration to purchase’ tool if it does become something that advertisers can utilise.

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